Color of love on the TV stars on Valentines Day, some special moments shared with partner

Colour of love on the TV stars on Valentines Day, some special moments shared with partner

Valentines Day is celebrated as a festival of love. On this day, every couple is busy trying to give a special gift to their partner. Valentine's Day is a special opportunity for every loving couple to specialize their partner in something special. The same TV stars have also differentiated their partners in different ways. So let's see their special moments.

1. Kanchi Singh: The story of Kanchi Singh and Rohan Mehra's love story So serial, then this is what the relationship is called. Valentines Day Pe Kachee Singh believes that gift should be given to both girlfriend and boyfriend. Just taking gifts is not the name of Valentines Day.

2. Shivangi Joshi: Shivangi Joshi on Valentine's Day has also shared some pictures on his Instagram Story. Of which we have brought some special photos for you By the way, everyone knows the relationship between Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan. They are considered to be one of the TV's most romantic couples.

3. Dheeraj Kapoor: Serial horoscope With fate, endurance Dheeraj Kapoor has got very sinfulness. Dheeraj Kapoor loves his wife Vinny aurora. One of the moments of love is Dheeraj Kapoor shared on his social media account.

4. Bharati Singh: Bharti Singh is known for his comedy in the TV industry. At present, Bharti Singh is seen with her husband Harsh, the show's player of the show, in season 9. Bharti Singh has shared many photos with love messages. One of which we have brought for you.

5. Gurmeet Chaudhary: Gurmeet Chaudhary has also shared love-filled messages for Debeena. Debeena Banerjee looks very beautiful to Gurmeet Chaudhary.

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