Sony revealed PlayStation 5 release date and price UPDATE

This week's news related to the release date of PS5 shows that Sony can get many new features for the next console, which is expected to come in 2020, some of which can prove to be very popular with PlayStation VR fans.

Fans believe that Sony has made a lot of plans for its new console, in which PS5 release date is expected to be announced for 2020.

It is still unclear what the new PlayStation 5 will look like and with which price will hit the shelves, but the recently filed patents can give some clues to some features that will be included.

Evidence that backwards compatibility will be part of the larger announcement, has already been received and will prove to be very popular with PS4 gamers.

And now more clues connected to PS5 can be searched, this time together with the PlayStation VR successor device.

Tech veterans have so far announced their plans for a PlayStation VR2; However, the company has commented on their plans to continue their virtual reality support for the coming years.

A new patent filed in Japan demonstrates plans that can make PSVR 2 more wireless experience.

Patent Filing reads: "A frequency band determination device, a head mount display, a frequency band determination method, and a program that is capable of switching the frequency band that is already used for communication, According to communication equipment or a communication partner has been kept. "

Here's more than gearnews, which notes how this new technology can be used in the PlayStation VR heir:

GearNews reports show that according to the patent the patent for wireless PS VR technology is not really, but it is a technology that switches around the user while switching wireless frequency to ensure consistent connection.

"The patented PS VR transmits the breakout box between the console between 5GHz and 60GHz wireless signal.

"Since the 60GHz signal is more linear and faster, but it has a smaller range, 5GHz is used as a backup to maintain connections when 60GHz signal is expected to be cut."

It is easy to use the PlayStation VR headset, there is no doubt that fans of virtual reality and Sony will prove to be very popular with another feather in the cap.

There are also reports that PS5 will have some kind of "Deep Learning Neural Network" which has recently been seen in the patent.

It sounds like a far-off sound, but this will make it possible, but it will be possible to provide a more customized experience for the console.

It will provide an opportunity to create adaptive material, perhaps it would be easy to tailor the difficulty level during gameplay.

But like all great sound patents, there is no guarantee that such use will ever be used in the final design.

It is entirely dependent on Sony that it can provide such technology which is cheaper in consolation.

It follows the news that two patents have been found which support the theory that the PS5 will be backwards compatible.

A new patent was seen at the beginning of this month, which was registered on the name of Marc Cerney, the chief member of Mark 4's development team.

And now another one has been found which seems to be a continuation, this time backwards compatibility is mentioned.

The headline of the newly formed patent reads: "Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility" and imitating the communication of heritage systems.

According to a portion of the new patent posted online: "To deal with the problem caused by a bus operating gap while executing a heritage app with a new device, a new device imitates the bus operation of the heritage device. And executes the heritage. The application can accommodate you just when you perform the performance.

No legacy system has been given the name, so it is difficult to work if it is used with the console before the PS4 or the most recent Sony system is included.

This will give Sony another way of monetizing its old games, though it is not clear how this will affect the PlayStation now.

It also raises the question that how all these items can affect the last PS5 price, especially when you consider whether they will affect existing services.

PS Now Streaming can be expanded to something different, perhaps fans get a chance to play the console, without any chance playing PS5.

Sony can cut the PS4 for a fixed time, maybe it is focusing on the old games as well as the era of PS3.

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