Game of Thrones S8E1 Recap. Jon knows the truth, Re-unites with Arya and Bran. Theon saves Yara. Jon vs Daenerys? Our review. Images Inside

Game of Thrones S8E1 Recap. Jon knows the truth, Re-unites with Arya and Bran. Theon saves Yara.  Jon vs Daenerys? Our review.  Images Inside

Game of Thrones is back after almost 2 years of waiting. HBO aired the first episode of the much-awaited hit series. The final season will have 6 episodes and the rumored run times
of the episodes are 60,60,80,80,80,80 minutes respectively. The first episode was full of emotional reunions of characters. There were no epic battle scenes or revelations. Some may call the episode sort of "boring" because fans expected way more from the final season of the number 1 series in the world. Everything happened in accordance with leaks or speculations we already knew, there were no surprise elements. Season 7 ended with Jaime, Jon, Daenerys marching towards Winterfell while the Night king destroyed the wall using Dany's dead dragon and letting the army of the dead through.

New Intro, Arya meets Jon, Gendry and the Hound.

Episode 1, Started off with a new and more detailed intro animation with the same music in the background like the other seasons. The episode kicks off much like the leaks suggested,
with with a young boy running around in Wintertown trying to get a view of Dany's massive army marching towards Winterfell. We could also see Arya stark standing there among other
people watching all people who she knows returning to Winterfell as her expressions changed while different people passed by. She was definitely pleased to see Jon and also smiled ather first look at Dany giving the idea that she likes her which we already knew as the Targerians are sort of her heroes. Then she saw the hound to whom she gave an un-enthusiastic
and sort of a mixed look. Then came Gendry (Robert's bastard) to whom she gave a pretty positive look. It is notable that none of these characters saw Arya while she saw all of them passing.
We also had our first look in this season at Greyworm and Missandei.

Complications between Daenerys and Sansa

The northerners weren't exactly pleased to see a Southern queen riding beside Jon and this is when Jon tells her "I told you the northerners aren't gonna trust a southern ruler". Then we heardDany's dragon's sound from distance and the people were terrified as the two flew over them and headed towards Winterfell. Then we see the same shot as we saw in the trailer when the dragons
fly over Sansa and she too gave an unhappy look. Then we get our first look at Tyrion and Varys while Tyrion cracks a eunuch joke. We see dragons going over Winterfell which is ironic as Winterfell is this 8000 castle covered with ice while dragons are destructive creatures and breathe fire. As they enter Winterfell, Jon Snow reunites with his little brother Bran. Jon says "You're a man now" to which Bran replies "Almost" which is smartly written by HBO because its poetic and true as Bran isn't exactly a man. Sansa and Jon give each other a warm hug and then we see the trailer shot when Sansa is staring Daenerys constantly from a distance. This is when Daenerys and Jorah Mormont walks up to Sansa. Dany praises Sansa for hers and north's beauty and Sansa says "Winterfell is yours, your grace." Which is a perfect throwback to the Episode 1 of season 1 in which Ned uses the same words as Robert arrives in Winterfell. Bran then tells everyone to stop wasting time on formalities as they are running out of time because the night has a dragon now and the army of the dead have taken down the wall. Jon and Arya had a much-awaited reunion near the gods-wood as the trailers previously suggested. They showed each other their swords and gave a warm hug to each other.

Jon rides a Dragon for the First time.

Daenerys is told by the leader of Dothraki riders that her dragons are barely eating and they've just had a few goats and sheep. She and Jon walks up to her dragons as she climbs onto Drogon (named after Khal Drogo) Jon touches Rhaegal (named after Jon's real father) when Dany asks her to climb on it. Jon asks "But what if he doesn't want me to?" to which Dany humorously reply. Both of them fly over the Snow covered hills and valleys around Winterfell as Tyrion, Varys watch Jon riding a dragon for the first time. They land near a beautiful waterfall at a distance from the castle and Dany tells Jon that they could stay here for a thousand years and no one would know.

Arya reunites with Gendry. Cersei orders to kill Jaime and Tyrion

Arya, in Winterfell, enters the forge where Gendry and others are Forging weapons made from Dragon glass. She disses the hound and gives Gendry a blueprint of some sort of weapon that she wants while complimenting him on his looks. She also gives him a cheerful smile as she left the room. We saw Queen Cersei in King's Landing smiling as the golden company arrives at King's Landing. Qyburn runs towards her warning her that the wall has been taken down and the army of the dead is here. To this, she replies "Good". Cersei also asked Qyburn to direct Bronn to Kill both her brothers Jaime and Tyrion in exchange for gold.

The Golden Company. Theon saves Yara

In the throne room, we see Cersei talking to Euron and Harry Strickland (Commander of the Golden Company) regarding the number of men, horses, elephants they brought. She seemed to be disappointed when she got to know that they haven't brought any elephants and Euron killed some of the men during the voyage. Euron asks Cersei to sleep with him, which she later does. Theon kills a few of Euron's men and Freed his sister. They then rode towards the Iron Islands.
During a meeting in Winterfell Jon asks Ned Umber to go back to the last Hearth and bring his people. Jon orders to summon the people manning the castles at the wall to join the army of Winterfell. Then there's a heated conversation in the hall with some deadly looks be Sansa to Daenerys. Lyanna Mormont shows her anger to Jon for bending the knee to Dany. Jon argues that they need more and more allies and for that, he did whatever he felt was right. Sansa raises the question concerning lack of food to feed an army that massive. Tyrion gave a speech telling everyone that if they don't unite with each other, they'll die. Tyrion and Sansa had a moment alone. Everyone had re-unions with each other.

Sam tells Jon about his true parentage.

Sam gets to know that Dany burnt his brother and father alive and then Bran asks Sam to tell Jon about his true parentage. Jon feels denial, shock, anger when he gets to know that Ned lied to
him his entire life, this is when Sam defends Ned by saying he saved Jon from Robert. Sam warns Jon about Dany's behavior. Throughout the episode, the show makers have foreshadowed Jon realizing that Daenerys is becoming like her father.

Jaime enters Winterfell while Bran was waiting for him. 

Outside Winterfell, Tormund and Edd with their people meet each other join hands. They search the castle and find the Umber kid dead with the symbol of the children of the forest around him. The kid turned into a white and tried to attack, but was killed and the whole symbol started burning which is symbolic itself. By the end of the episode, we saw Jaime entering Winterfell and Bran waiting for him. Both shared a weird look and this is how the episode 1 of the final season of Game of Thrones ended.

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