T-series overtakes Pewdiepie, yet again. "CONGRATULATIONS" now banned in India. Full story.

T-series overtakes Pewdiepie, yet again. "CONGRATULATIONS" now banned in India. Full story.

If you haven't been living under a rock since the past 6 months, then you probably know about the ongoing war for attaining number one spot between Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA pewdiepie and Indian music label T-series. The Swedish creator once had 20 million more subscribers then T-series. But as the subscriber gap narrowed down, the battle became heated and more aggressive.
Pewdiepie has been creating videos on youtube for almost a decade now. His channel is extremely popular amongst his fans for the various series like Pew news, You laugh You lose, meme review and for the other reaction videos that the youtuber makes. He started his channel initially as a gaming channel, particularly of the Horror genre. In 2013 Kjellberg's channel became the most subscribed channel and retained the position for years until T-series took over in early 2019.

Pewdiepie and his self made controversies

Pewdiepie has been in many controversies in the past. He was criticized for using rape jokes in his videos in his earlier videos for which he apologized. Despite the fact that he is what he is because of Youtube, Felix has continuously shown his hate towards different algorithms of the platform. Kjellberg signed with Maker Studios, a multi-channel network (MCN) and then later made fun of them and then had to hire a lawyer to get him out of the deal. He defended his actions by saying that everything he said was a joke which wasn't meant to offend the MCN. But he literally uses the same excuse for every mistake he makes and then apologizes just to repeat in a few months. On reaching the 50 million subscriber milestone the youtuber tweeted "will delete tomorrow 5 pm GMT," letting people know that he will delete his channel the next day and rather deleted the joke Jack septiceye2 channel and said  "You know when you make a joke and it just blows up way bigger than you'd imagined?". He was called "a man-baby who makes millions of dollars playing video games threatens to  delete his channel seems like the whining of a rich, entitled celebrity who has noticed that his videos aren't getting as many views as they used to, and blames the platform for not supporting him as much as he thinks they should.""
Kjellberg got into another controversy when he did the shameless act of paying two Indian's on an app called Fiverr for displaying the message "DEATH TO ALL JEWS". Again like a cry-baby, he called his act a joke. The youtuber is known to have used anti-Semitic jokes in many of his videos. To which, he again said those were unintentional and were said for fun. The youtuber has been continuosly called out for being a racist, for many comments that he makes.

Pewdiepie VS T-series

In 2018, Pewdiepie released a video called "You India, You lose" in which he roasted Indian television and said harsh things about the country. When T-series came close to pewdiepie in terms of the number of subscribers, Pewdiepie started targeting the Indian music label in almost every video that he posted. In October 2018, he released a song named "T-series diss track" in which he dissed T-series by saying that they're nothing but "bitch lasagna". Pewdiepie's racist nature was also reflected in the lyrics when he said: "I'm a Blue-eyed WHITE dragon, while you're just DARK magician". The name of the track was later changed to "bitch lasagna". The song currently has around 200 million views and is one of the Youtuber's most watch videos.
Youtube channels like SocialBlade and FlareTv even started live streams showing the live subscriber count of both the channels and the difference between them. Both live streams have been running 24*7 from months now.

This battle for the Top spot on Youtube got so popular that hundreds of smaller channels picked sides and started showing their support to one of the two. In the initial months, no one really promoted T-series as they were gaining a good amount of subscribers even without being promoted by massive channels. Pewdiepie has the whole English speaking world to watch his videos and T-series is only known to people in Asia. Even then, T-series has managed to cope-up. The best part is, They preferred to remain quiet. They didn't go on to insult a whole country and then apologizing by saying it was all in good fun. People around the world have taken part in this battle by doing bizzare things for supporting Pewdiepie. Even then, in March 2019, T-series briefly surpassed Pewdiepie more than 120 times. And then became the most subscribed channel for 4 days.

T-series is now the most subscribed channel on youtube. "Congratulations" gets banned in India post-T-series's complaint to the HC.

Pewdiepie released his 2nd diss-track on T-series called "Congratulations" in late March. The song immediately got attention and reached 50 million views within a few days. Although Felix had said not to make defamatory videos again after his first Diss Track, he did it. The song doesn't only attacks T-series but also contains lines that are offensive in nature to the whole country. The song contained lines targeting India's poverty, caste system, and  #metoo claims against Bhushan Kumar. This is clearly an intentional call for a controversy that worked out well for the Swedish Youtuber. Soon after the song released Pewdiepie got his number one position back and within a week the sub-gap was more than 400,000. T-series again surpassed Pewdiepie on 14 April 2019 and currently has a lead of 60,000 subscribers. Both channels currently have more than 94 million subscribers. Who will reach the 100 million mark first? 

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